FC Aarau has stripped the Cup race victory in 1985, its province of coats and then during decades, an enrichment and a fixed Size in the highest Swiss League.

the careers springboard for the World. Names such as Ottmar Hitzfeld and Roberto Di Matteo are examples of this.

in the middle of the country and in the Canton of Aargau, a figurehead. The Aargau is the fifth-largest economic power in the country. Also, if the Canton is heterogeneous and fragmented, the greater Aarau but a large foot ball enthusiastic catchment area. Enough to provide, in principle, a club in the Super League.

in and around Aarau after a season with an almost insane increase in run is almost limitless. Only right after this magnificent 4:0 in new castle. With a foot and four toes in the Super League. To summon the family atmosphere in the club. You raved about the brüggli field, perhaps the most charming stadium. A relic of a bygone football times, the ought to be standing in the open-air Museum Ballenberg.

the Problem is. The club will play here for nearly thirty years, with one exception permit. He can’t develop with this stadium and to be of a fixed Size in the Super League. The next vote on the new stadium is to follow later this year. The Aarau stadium issue is game for decades a funeral.

there is a big question mark. Service providers such as Nicolas Schindelholz (31), Markus Neumayr (33), Elsad Zverotic (33), Marco Schneuwly (34), Stefan Maierhofer (36) or Goran Karanovic (31) are available in the fall or early winter of their careers and are no skeleton for a Team that can establish themselves in the Super League.

that the party is marred sentiment: A rise of the FCA currently makes for the club but also for the Swiss football no sense. The requirements for advancement must be created.

does not adhere to Business plans. But the climb should work now, the big hangover is programmed.