As told to “the Russian newspaper” veterinary doctor Olga Mowers, the first thing to remember is that animals absolutely can not be on the beach and especially swimming in the water objects of General use, adjacent to a places of mass rest of the population. It is forbidden by sanitary regulations, and if you meet the fundamental security guards or administrators of the beach, then you can run into a scandal and a fine.

For travelers with Pets it is better to choose places where there are large concentrations of people. For example, it may be a wild beach, shores of rivers, lakes and the seaside. Of course, you need to choose sites with a gently sloping approach, flat beach with clean water. The rest should be safe for human and animal.

“Inspect the area for the presence of sharps. Rate the critical condition of the reservoir. The water should be calm, but not stagnant, no underwater currents and whirlpools. Note the amount of algae and silt. The water temperature should not be below 20 degrees. Stay away from people, boats, catamarans, fishing networks,” – said the expert.

Swim like a dog. But before four-legged friend will go to swim, take off his muzzle, collar and leash, otherwise the animal can cling to some snag or become entangled in seaweed when swimming.

“you Can buy a life jacket, now they are made of modern ergonomic materials. I especially recommend to use it for young or older animals and Pets with various diseases. It will help the dog stay afloat, and you better watch out for frolicking in the water, the animal bright color of vest,” says the vet.

do Not allow dogs to swim in the pool, as chlorine-containing chemicals very strongly irritate mucous membranes and can cause allergic reactions. Ideal for swimming is sea water, but only during a full calm. After swimming in the sea be sure to rinse your pet with fresh water, this will allow him to avoid scratching and irritations on the skin. If the dog swam in the lake or in the river, a warm shower with hygienic remedies at home for her too. Be sure after bathing, wipe the auricle from the sand and water.

Remember that dogs exposed to sun and heat strokes. Keep the animal in the shade and if it is overheated, do not immediately allow it to fully immerse in water. Wet for the start of the legs, the withers, wipe with water the ears and the head. In any case do not allow the dog to drink water from open reservoirs. If the water from the pool or the sea, all is clear – it will simply cause irritation of the intestine, it is fresh, things are much worse.

“the Water can be a source of infection numerous��mi bacterial infections, including leptospirosis. The disease is contagious, that is, from dogs transmitted to humans, is very hard, often causing death. The main symptoms are lethargy, refusal to feed, fever, lethargy muscles, resulting in a wobbly gait. Upon detection of at least one of the signs should contact the veterinary clinic for expert advice. And one more trouble, which may face the people and the animals when swimming in fresh water – giardiasis. It’s a parasitic infection, difficult to diagnose and difficult to cure. Remember, we are responsible for those who tamed. And that vacation turned into a dangerous adventure, don’t forget about safety and hygiene,” – emphasizes the veterinarian.