The US Navy was allowed to write off the aging cruisers of the Ticonderoga type. These vessels require too much funding, but they cannot provide the great combat power of the American fleet.

According to the Military Review, a new law was released on Thursday that will allow the fleet to write off seven cruisers in the 2022 fiscal year. It is noted that the navy has been seeking congressional discussion of this issue for at least ten years.

Decommissioned cruisers can be sold or handed over to foreign allies. However, Vice Admiral Jim Kilbley said that he doubted the reliability of the old cruisers. These vessels have problems with electronics and radars. In general, cruisers are not able to perform all the tasks assigned to them.

Now this bill will have to be discussed in the House of Representatives and achieve adoption by the Senate. The document also provides for the possibility of buying 13 new manned ships.