In the coming months, the United States intends to launch a program of material support for refugees from Afghanistan, Bloomberg reported on September 3.

Each of the Afghans can receive $ 2,275. It is expected that this will help refugees in finding housing, buying food and placing children in school. Also, the State Department is currently consulting with Congress on the introduction of benefits for refugees, including health insurance.

The authorities consider this initiative as a test of the efficiency of the American system of assistance to newly arrived immigrants after the previous president Donald Trump severely cut refugee support programs.

It is expected that about 50 thousand Afghans in the United States will be recognized as humanitarian refugees, they will have to apply for a permanent visa within a year. Afghans who worked for the United States will fall into other categories of refugees, Bloomberg reports.

According to the US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, America has already accepted about 40 thousand refugees from Afghanistan.