Pandemic coronavirus ended the world order established after the Second world war and US leadership in the international arena. This opinion was expressed by the authors of the article for the French newspaper Le Monde.

In the destabilization of the existing first system played a key role in the rise of China, according to journalists, claiming that the delay, which the world health organization warned the international community about the dangers of the pandemic showed that the dependence of the organization from Beijing.

USA, believe the authors, currently no longer play the role of a world leader like in the XX century. If in recent years, Washington has increasingly shied away from this mission, the current crisis has crippled the country, forced the Americans to get out of it, according to the publication.

In addition, as stated in the article, COVID-19 inflicted a serious blow to the unity of Europe. Finding himself defenseless before the pandemic, to predict which he failed, the EU was unable to support most affected by the epidemic countries. To further influence the establishment of a new world order, the EU must review its own device, summarize the journalists of Le Monde.

According to who statistics, the world’s coronavirus has infected more than three million people, 230 thousand of them died.

In the first place the number of victims and cases of the United States, there is a regime of a major disaster. A list of the most susceptible to coronavirus States also include Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

Russia occupies the seventh place by incidence, ahead of Iran, China and Turkey — the country has identified more than 124 thousand cases (most of them in Moscow). For all the time died 1222 people, more than 15 thousand recovered. Authorities urged citizens to observe all precautions, including keep your distance in public places.