The US Congress will find out the role of China and who in the spread of coronavirus

the Main oversight Committee of the U.S. Senate began an investigation about the origin of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and response to its spread from the world health organization (who) and the Chinese authorities. This is with reference to the Republican Senator Ron Johnson, reports Politico.

According to Johnson, the investigation will be comprehensive and will deal with the issues of readiness of the United States for a pandemic, foreign production of medical products and other internal American issues. But first and foremost it will focus on the question of the origin of the virus and how information about it was made China and who in the first months of infection.

“We can’t trust Communist China, and we realized that we can’t trust who, after all, they lied to us,” said Johnson to reporters. The investigation led to the suspicion of the US authorities that the who was not informed in time about the epidemic in China, and Chinese authorities have concealed information from the world.

on 8 April, the US President Donald trump said that Washington is considering the suspension of contributions to the budget of the who.

the day before the American leader lashed out on the organization. In particular, he said that the who “screwed up”. “For some reason, it pays all its attention to China, although most of its sponsorship secrete that the US,” wrote trump.

it is also Reported that the American President is considering options for the who reform or creation of some new organization that is performing its functions. Experts recommend in any case not to stop paying contributions, as this may damage the various medical programmes of the organization.