a Flirting with Greenland, the United States wants to strengthen its position in the Arctic, where the expanding power of Russia and seeks to influence China. The Americans are afraid that the Russian Arctic base “Nagurskoye” would threaten their “Tule”. However, not only Russia but also Denmark considered the behavior of the United States as a provocation.

USA has announced that it will provide financial support to Greenland. Thus, they want to strengthen its position in the Arctic, where the expanding power of Russia and seeks to influence China. But some believe the actions of Washington’s provocative, and not only in Moscow and Beijing, but also in Copenhagen.

To buy Greenland, as wished by the President of the United States Donald trump last summer, the Washington failed. However, he wants another way to provide financial support to the island, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark but has autonomy. Although it is small for the United States the sum of $ 12 million, by the standards of Greenland it is quite significant. The head of the Greenlandic government Kelsen Kim (Kim Kielsen) moved by this gesture.

Napaka on Russia and China

Shortly before the official confirmation of cooperation in the middle of last week, the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Carl Sands (Carla Sands) criticized in his comments for the online magazine Altinget Russia for its aggressive behavior and military buildup in the Arctic region. In addition, she accused the China in more active operations in the Arctic in order to promote their own economic interests and propaganda of the authoritarian and against freedom values. Given the fact, as Beijing works in other regions such as the South China sea, without paying attention to the recognized rules and norms, his actions cause concern, said Sands.

According to her, at Greenland financial support, the United States seeks to promote his vision of the situation in the Arctic, which is based on transparency and democratic values. At the same time Washington offers itself to other countries as a “preferred partner” in the polar region.

While Greenland is important for US not least with the military-strategic point of view. Air base “Thule” to the North of the island is the American system of early warning of missile threats. And since Russia is expanding military presence in the far North and builds the Arctic base “Nagurski,” the air base “Thule” becomes more vulnerable.

According to political analysts, specializing in the Arctic, an initiative of Washington, Greenland is quite logical, because the United States is currently significantly lagging behind Russia and China from the point of view of the development of military and civilian infrastructure in the far North. Most noticeable is the lag in the naval aspect. Russia and Chinath is rapidly working to strengthen icebreaking fleets.

Diplomatic exchange of blows

On behalf of Russia article Carla Sands responded its Ambassador to Denmark Vladimir Barbin. According to him, the US seeks to dominate the Arctic region and to this end rely on a policy of confrontation, he wrote in the end of last week in an article for the newspaper Politiken. Danish foreign policy expert Hans Mouritsen (Mouritsen Hans) in a radio interview with DR pointed out that this “exchange of blows” is indicative of the impending deterioration of the situation in the far North in the field of security policy. This in turn becomes a challenge for Denmark, especially as the diplomatic dispute erupted on its territory.

However, it is flirting Americans with Greenland has caused skepticism and in the heart of Copenhagen. Although the Danish foreign Ministry, which is concerning foreign contacts of Greenland belongs to the last word, said that, although we are talking about and the actions agreed at the bilateral level, the opposition nevertheless believe that Washington is neglecting this collaboration with the Copenhagen. So, the Deputy of the Jarls Rasmus (Rasmus Jarlov) called the action “absolutely unacceptable”.