The United States sends a number of countries hundreds of medical ventilators

the United States plans to send 500 of the apparatus for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) France, then the equipment will also be submitted to other countries. This was at the briefing at the White house said the US President Donald trump.

the American leader again reminded that his country produces hundreds of thousands of the ventilator. On Wednesday the possibility of supply trump discussed with a number of world leaders whose countries are in need of the ventilator. “We send 500 of Mexico, 500 more France, send also Spain, Italy” – quoted by TASS in the White house.

Also, speaking to journalists, the President said that the possible second wave of the coronavirus in the United States is not as large as the first. “This is not what we are doing now”. According to him, the current scenario will not be repeated even if the coronavirus superimposed on the seasonal wave of flu that, according to experts, could occur in February of next year, RIA Novosti reported.