the Administration of Donald trump is preparing to take serious measures for the protection of national monuments, many of which targeted the protesting public. To oversee the monuments will be brought officers U.S. marshals, and military National guard. Moreover, the American leader promised before the end of the week to sign a decree providing for actual prison term for the desecration of memorials.

against the backdrop of mass demonstrations caused by the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, protesters in the US call for a reassessment of the history from the point of view of modern ethics and smash statues of historical figures associated with slavery and racial discrimination.

Often the local authorities themselves support the protesters and authorize the dismantling of monuments. And even in Congress, the voices calling to remove reminders of the figures of history that do not fit into the Canon of aggressive political correctness (for example, politicians and military leaders of the Confederacy during the Civil war in the USA).

However, such requirements do not agree, the American leader Donald trump, who once again criticized the “looters” who are destroying the national heritage, calling them in Twitter “anarchists” and “roving gangs”.

“it is Very sad to see the state allow roving gangs of nerds, anarchists and looters, many of whom have no idea what they are doing, indiscriminately tear down our statues and monuments of the past – trump wrote in the social network. Some of them are great works of art, and they represent our history and heritage…. It is important for us to understand and remember that even in uncertain and difficult times, and learn from them. Knowledge comes from the most unusual places”.

Then the tramp “retweeted” his statement on 23 June condemning the Congress for what he didn’t do anything “with the scum that burn the American flag”.

“It must be stopped immediately,” – said the American leader.

To protect the memorials from vandalism and “scribes of history” power attracts the security forces.

Recently, the Washington Post received a letter from the assistant Director of the U.S. marshals Service Mr Andrew Smith, who reported on the disposal of the administration trump “immediately prepared to provide support to law enforcement for the protection of national monuments.”

“This is a difficult task due to the breadth of possible targets for criminal activity,” wrote Smith.

the letter also said that the group of marshals, which is involved in incident management should establish a coordinating operational center in Springfield (Virginia).

the marshals Service in the United States is the oldest Federal will be legally protectedan independent Agency, it is now included as a division in the Ministry of justice. The objectives of the service include the support of the Federal courts, control over the execution of their judgments and decisions, investigation, arrest, and supervise the maintenance of Federal offenders, the auction sale of confiscated property. Also for functions of Federal marshals include combating terrorism and mass disturbances.

it is Expected that the U.S. marshals will begin to implement the protection of national monuments this week.

moreover, Donald trump is planning soon to sign a decree on the protection of national statues and monuments. At the moment the law is under revision. However, now we know that he will provide for up to 10 years in prison for desecration of monuments. The American leader has promised it will be “very powerful” document.

Earlier Wednesday, 24 June, CNN reported that the national guard of the district of Columbia will provide unarmed servants to assist in the protection of monuments in Washington (D.C.).

“the national guard of the district of Columbia in response to a request from the law enforcement officials sent unarmed officers, told CNN the National guard major Robert Perino. – It is expected that the involved guards will ensure the safety of the local sites and critical infrastructure.”

According to the major Perino, the Minister of the US army Ryan McCarthy signed on Tuesday, 23 June, the Memorandum authorizing the use of force National guard of the district of Columbia after the Park police had asked for help.

it is Reported that currently in the vicinity of Washington are about 100 soldiers. However, their number can increase to 400 if necessary.