The United States is too quickly spent the money on payments

American power too quickly expend the funds allocated for the payment of unemployment benefits. About it reports Wall Street Journal citing data from the U.S. Treasury.

the Newspaper points out that the amount of money allocated for this purpose, in half of the States in April declined by 10 percent. The authorities in new York, for example, has asked for help from the government in the amount of $ 4 billion as interest-free loan are planning to do in California.

In March, against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government began to impose a regime of isolation, which led to the suspension of the operation of many companies. In total, applications for unemployment benefits filed about 22 million Americans.

in addition, because of the pandemic, the US national debt and the debts of American corporations can grow to record size. According to estimates, the Federal budget deficit risks to increase to four trillion dollars.

Also the country predicting a record level of unemployment at the end of the pandemic. According to expert estimates, its scale will surpass the performance since the great depression that began in 1929.