In the U.S. Congress introduced a bill which proposes to oblige the head of N. I. to inform the Congress about cases of activities of non-hostile countries against U.S. troops no later than 14 days. The document reviewed RT.

The bill introduced by congressmen Stephanie Murphy and Joe Cunningham. The initiative was a response to reports about “ties” between Russia and the Taliban*.

“the Bill directed the Director of National intelligence to notify Congress, if the Director deems high or average degree of confidence, that the foreign state at peace with the United States, trying to cause death or serious injuries to members of the Armed forces of the United States,” reads the description of the initiative.

As noted in the press service of Murphy, this is the first bill introduced in response to the “credible” statements of American intelligence that Moscow allegedly paid remuneration to the militants associated with the Taliban, “prompting them to kill U.S. troops and the coalition in Afghanistan.”

When the exploration of the published data, administration of the President of the United States Donald trump held an informal briefing at the White house for some members of Congress, specified in the explanatory note to the bill. While Republicans and Democrats were briefed separately.

Murphy emphasizes, when talking about a possible attack on U.S. military personnel, Congress should be informed immediately regardless of party affiliation.

It is expected that information will help the leadership of the factions to make better decisions on draft laws on granting of authority and the allocation of funds and oversight of the Executive branch.

In June the newspaper the New York Times published an article stating that Russia “gave consideration” to militants for the attack on soldiers of the international coalition in Afghanistan. The source was an anonymous US intelligence officials.

However, later in the Pentagon said that the Agency has no intelligence and evidence “guide” the actions of the Taliban from Russia.

Trump, in turn, called the publication of custom-made stuffing, which is not unfounded.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the statements of the American press “simple injection,” which illustrates a “low intellectual abilities of advocates from the American intelligence.”

In addition, the Embassy of Russia reported that Russian diplomats in Washington and London after the publication began to receive threats.

* The Taliban declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the RF Supreme court dated 14.02.2003.