– It is naive to believe that bad people do not try to take advantage of the situation, ” says the head of the american antidopingbyrået Usada, Travis Tygart.

It is in an interview with the news agency AP the recognized american dopingjegeren warns against what he believes is a challenging time for the pure sport.

the reason is that many countries cut the number of dopingkontroller when all active sports was stopped to prevent the spread of koronaviruset. It happened about three weeks ago.

– the cheaters out there sits secure, and laughs at us now, considering that the dopingtesting is reduced, and even cancelled in some places, ” says Tygart.

Then the active sport was stopped, disappeared also all dopingkontrollene which is usually carried out in connection with the contest. (Illustrasjonfoto)

Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters Will have a “robust” test programs

NRK have previously discussed how antidopingbyråer in several countries have scaled-down testing, including in the united STATES, the united Kingdom, Norway and Kenya. And that more was critical to implement a OL with reduced testing ahead.

Now it has been another three weeks, the OLYMPICS is deferred one year, but Tygart fear the consequences of the time with minimal testing.

– When we are back on our feet, we must have a robust quality and kvantitetsprogram that ensures that those who try to cheat don’t get away with it, ” says Tygart.

anti-doping Norway: – Easier to get away with cheating

anti-doping Norway director Anders Solheim (t.v.) together with the commander of the american antidopingbyrået Usada, Travis Tygart, in Oslo in 2018.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

anti-doping Norway supports the Tygarts concern.

– It is clear it is easier to get away with cheating now than it usually is, ” says the head of anti-doping Norway (ADN), Anders Solheim, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

According to Solheim conducts ADN still some tests.

– There are reduced activity, but we took tests last week and is going to continue with it, but it is clear that the more flexibility there is, the easier it is for us to do our job and the easier it is to prevent doping.

On the question of how long the banned substances can be traced with a performer, responds Solheim:

– It depends on the quantity and the substance, but we do not want to give any instructions on how to dope without getting caught.

Solheim says he doesn’t want to speculate further in this, but will rather focus on both the athletes, coaches and support staff now have to work for that sporting events are credible when they start up again.

And the most important means to achieve that, according to Solheim, is to notify.

– it is Now more important than ever that those who suspect any user notification channel on the website of anti-doping Norway, ” he says.