Just last night coronavirus infection was confirmed in 71 of 389 people. Thus, the increase in the number of infected compared with the previous day up 2.3 percent.

During the last weeks data on this indicator was on average 1.9 percent. It is also noted that the mortality rate of coronavirus in the country increased by 0.1 percent.

Earlier, Russian doctors Eugene Pinelis working at the Brooklyn Central hospital, said that American medicine was not ready for the epidemic of the coronavirus. He stressed that the healthcare system in the US is not adapted to severe shocks. In particular, the poor are less serious about measures by the authorities aimed at combating the epidemic. In addition, they do not have the ability to work remotely and have to move around the city.

In total, according to project of Johns Hopkins in the United States identified more than 3.24 million cases of infection with coronavirus. Total number of victims of infection in the country became more 134,7 thousand people, 995,6 cured thousands of patients.