The UN cultural organization, Unesco, calls for the refugee children worldwide are better integrated into the regular school systems. “Education must be included,” said Unesco Director-General, Audrey Azoulay at the launch of the world education report. Accordingly, most governments in times of crisis, special education services for refugees and, therefore, parallel systems that go beyond the national school systems.

In the German education system should be improved according to the authors of the report quite a bit in this area. In Germany, 30 percent of the unaccompanied minors attended in the past year-year Refugees under 16 years of age and almost 85 percent of the more than 16-year-olds in special classes, the report said. “The joint Learning of all must be the next task of the country”, – stated in the report.

especially the teacher training in the countries of Refuge needs to be improved, according to the report. You must Orient itself in addition to the digitization, what different conditions would have the students. The President of the German Commission for Unesco, Maria Böhmer, called “intercultural competences” in teacher education. According to the report, Germany would need about 24,000 additional teachers and 18,000 other educational professionals for the education and training of refugees.

Germany was also Praised: The country had achieved in the Integration of refugees into the education system, said Böhmer. They went on to the extensive language support for Refugees and praised the fact that foreign qualifications for the labour market would often recognised – in this case rage of Germany. Lack of qualifications for many of those Affected still an obstacle. Young women, especially, would find it difficult to be in the German labour market.

refugee children have generally in a few countries, many opportunities for a good education, as is evident from the report. The refugee organization of the United Nations (UNHCR) estimates that the Enrolment of refugees in the world, 61 percent of elementary schools and 23 percent in secondary schools. About four million refugees between the ages of 5 and 17 years attended accordingly, in the year 2017 no school. Some of the Locals and in comparison it was not for refugee children five times as likely to go to school, said the assistant high Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR, Volker Türk.

According to Unesco, the number of people fleeing to the highest level since the end of the Second world war. Of the 19.9 million refugees currently under the protection of the UNHCR, more than half under the age of 18 years.

Germany will increase its contribution for the specifically for education in crises and conflicts, Fund Education, Cannot Wait to EUR 31 million, announced state Secretary of the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development, Martin hunter,. So it would double its current contribution almost.