a Igor Nikulin NSN said that the coronavirus created in the United States, and China were planted. And this is part of a global conspiracy.

The US President Donald trump said that he has information that suggests that the source of the coronavirus was a laboratory in Wuhan, China. He confirmed that it has a compelling reason to make such statements, while refusing to disclose the details, citing the secrecy.

A former member of the Commission on biological weapons the UN military expert Igor Nikulin in live NSN said that the new type of coronavirus was created artificially, and in the States.

“the Virus was created in a lab, but not in China and in the United States, the University of North Carolina, and Wuhan, he only tested. And because Barack Obama banned such experiments in the United States. No natural reservoir, no scientists found such an animal in nature who would be a carrier of this virus. And who will find such an animal, he will definitely win a Nobel prize,” said the source NSN.

“Americans have created a hybrid virus consisting of 80% of the human SARS and 20% coronaviruses in Chinese bats. Such pathogenic in nature does not exist. It looks like he leaked it from US”, – said Igor Nikulin.

It seems that the American President is in dissonance with the national intelligence service. On the eve of its official representative said that he agreed with the “broad consensus of scientists” who believe that the source of the coronavirus is not a lab.

In the States with Fox News channel “thrown in” another version of the deadly infection originated at the research center in Wuhan, where the virus accidentally infected his staff.

Previously, trump has threatened China with serious consequences if it turns out that Beijing deliberately allowed the flash COVID-19.

“I think the Chinese, this virus has given specifically to then to them it and dump. I think that is part of the conspiracy,” the ex-member of the Commission on biological weapons the UN Igor Nikulin.

The world health organization calls the main version of the origin of the infection transfer from animals. According to the latest world health organization, worldwide there have been about 3.1 million cases, more than 217 thousand people died.