Ulyanovsk was among 20 cities of Russia, which was awarded the honorary title of “City of labor valor” – the corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“the Facts of the heroism of local residents during the great Patriotic war, confirmed by numerous archival materials. Each third cartridge was made at the munitions plant of a name of Volodarsky. Every fourth overcoat for men was sewn from cloth produced in Ulyanovsk factories. 133 thousand officers and soldiers were treated at 26 hospitals in the region. Last week received a huge number of congratulatory telegrams to government. I think that you need to prepare a decree and approve the action plan for the perpetuation of the memory of all our countrymen – those who forged the Great Victory. Ulyanovsk oblast could serve as a site for the forum “Cities of labour valour”. In addition, with the new academic year in the region to start the lessons of historical memory. The President has previously supported this idea,” – said Sergey Morozov.

the Forum “Cities of labor valor” Sergey Morozov proposes to organize in late August – early September.

Now in preparation is the Governor’s decree on measures to perpetuate the memory of local residents who worked in the rear during the great Patriotic war.

Recall that in the beginning of the year with an initiative on the award of the Ulyanovsk title of “City of labor valor” was made by public organization to promote and protect the rights of veterans of war, labor and law enforcement. Regional branch of political party “United Russia”, activists of the movement “Victory Volunteers”, “Young Guard of United Russia” was organized collection of signatures of residents in all settlements of the region.

“the Volunteers collected over 200 thousand signatures. For the vast majority of the inhabitants the news of the award of the Ulyanovsk title of “the City of labour valour” was a significant event. This is evident by the number of signatures collected in support of the initiative. We propose to create a square and the Museum “City of labour valour” in Ulyanovsk. When we take into account the opinion of each of Ulyanovsk together with the public to choose the location and collect more information about people, businesses and the heroes of those years”, – said the head of the regional center Sergei Panin.

Secretary of the regional branch of “United Russia” and the Vice-speaker regional ZS Vasily Gvozdev has announced a decision to appeal to the government of the Russian Federation and the CEC of the party “United Russia” for the allocation of Federal funding “for the labor valor”.

“Even before the pandemic coronavirus hundreds of volunteers collected the first signatures at public events, shopping centers and public places. In our work p��have glucides ministries and agencies, museums, industrial enterprises. First of all, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant, plant of a name of Volodarsky district of the enterprise. We collected enough signatures, archival materials, and as a result, the decision of the President was held – ul deservedly received a great status. We have a “hero – Cities” that receive support at the Federal level. Believe is right on behalf of the regional branch of the party to appeal to the Government and the CEC of the party “United Russia” with a proposal to consider the allocation of Federal funding “for the labor valor” and the activities associated with the honorary status. Also proposed to make appropriate amendments to regional law on the status of the regional center and to provide funds for the implementation of Patriotic events”, – said Vasily Gvozdev.

the Chairman of the Ulyanovsk City Duma Ilya Nozhechkin made a proposal to consolidate the honorary status of “City of labor valor” in the Charter of Ulyanovsk. In this regard, outlined the procedure of introducing appropriate changes in the document.

“the Assignment of Ulyanovsk, the title of “City of labor valor” is valuable in itself, as a recognition of merits of generations of citizens. But, of course, the assignment must be followed by actions. On behalf of the Governor, a number of socially important Patriotic events, works on a city accomplishment. Actively to these processes to connect to the deputies of the City Duma”, – said Ilya Nozhechkin.