For the first time, reports the Uk for more than 500 deaths related to coronaviruses in the course of a day.

the united kingdom has on Wednesday registered 563 coronarelaterede deaths in the course of the past day.

It shall notify the uk department of health according to the news agency Reuters.

In total, 2352 coronasmittede patients died in the Uk, which is an increase from the 1789 corona-casualties, the british authorities reported on Tuesday.

the Country now has 29.474 confirmed smittetilfælde, an increase of 4324 in relation to Tuesday.

a total Of about 153.000 people have been tested, communicate to the government. It will say that almost every fifth of those tested have the disease.

health experts estimate that the real number of infected is probably hundreds of thousands, writes the news agency dpa. The experts questioned by the relatively low number of tested, if you compare with other countries in Europe.

Michael Gove, who is minister without portfolio, said on Tuesday that the government “must go further and faster” forward to get tested suspects smittetilfælde.

Gove added that a lack of certain chemicals is causing the tests to be delayed.

Chemicals are not the only one, there is a lack of. In the uk hospitals complaining employees over the lack of protective equipment.

now get to the doctors at the emergency room in the town of Essex to warn that they may have to reduce the contact to the patients “to a minimum,” writes the BBC.

According to the tv station’s information is every fourth employee in the hospital now on sick leave with symptoms of the coronavirus.