In the United Arab Emirates completed the construction of the present Martian city. The work should be completed in 2021. Created a settlement, called the Mars Science City, will simulate life on the red planet, at least as it is now, imagine scientists.

the Creation of such a city, where they will conduct their research scientists and to train the astronauts, was announced in 2017, when the UAE authorities have announced their intention to colonize Mars in 100 years – by 2117, reminiscent of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

the area of the city, erected not far from Dubai, is more than 176 thousand square meters, which is comparable to 30 football fields. All the buildings are underground and are protected by domes, built with the help of 3D printers. On Mars it will be necessary to create suitable for human temperature, atmospheric pressure, to protect against harmful radiation in the absence of magnetic field. In addition, the use of these technologies will help to assess the feasibility of sending 3D printers to other planets in future space missions instead of using ready-made modules, as previously assumed.

as the main construction material used desert sand of Dubai, so we are working at technology of construction of houses in the alien conditions of the Martian soil. Protection from the outside environment also provides a polyethylene membrane. The biomes that will be under pressure, will house research laboratories, residential complexes and gardens, to ensure that the experimental population of the city with food. Oxygen is supposed to get under the surface of Mars is ice, and electricity with the help of advanced technologies (primarily solar panels).

Construction of the city was just one of the points to prepare for the colonization of Mars. In the same ambitious project UAE last year sent its first astronaut into space. They became Hazza al Mansouri. He was selected from more than 4 thousand candidates. Now the authorities are preparing to launch a probe to Mars to study atmosphere of red planet. In orbit, it should arrive in 2021 to mark the 50 th anniversary of the establishment of the UAE.

it is Worth noting that not only the Emirates are eager to get to Mars. The European space Agency is trying to simulate Martian conditions on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, there is already a Spanish train astronauts. And NASA uses the canadian Devon island, an area which is very similar to the surface of the red planet, testing its equipment. By the way, currently, the U.S. space Agency is preparing the launch of the mission “Mars-2020” to deliver to the planet’s surface, the Rover and ferotic to study the soil and the possibility of flying in rarefied atmosphere. Has its own Mars program and “Roscosmos”.