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A 43-year-old man was on Thursday arrested because he was at the time of his arrest in Sk-aware to police officers spewed out. The other agents had then to do with a man who ostentatiously in the face coughed in to a google translation is available. The public prosecutor’s office warns against this kind of behavior. “The offenders risk prison sentences and fines.”

in The arrest of the man, as it happened woensdagvoormiddag to a stop in the Herentalsebaan in Deurne, the netherlands. He was wearing a scarf and a hat, and had with his hands and a pistol to passing the Antwerp police. “Bam, bam, bam,” he cried.

“Then, the police have a man in his conduct, and to personally check, is a press release from the Workshop floor. “The 43-year-old man was an awful rebel. In the first instance verbally. He also spoke several times about the corona virus and any applicable precautionary statements. After that, he refused to accept his identity, he became physically aggressive. The forty-something was a lot of effort to be handcuffed and put in a combi can be set. There, he continued to be aggressive, and founded, for instance, in the direction of the inspectors. At a certain moment and spat out, he is also aware of two times to the inspector.”

The public prosecutor’s office mentions that the behavior is not acceptable. The judge, the man was arrested for a deliberate pass to a runner, the threats, the unarmed rebellion, and shame.”

In the face during the

There was an incident with a google translation is available. There were two officers from the Antwerp police department was confronted with a 26-year-old man, who ostentatiously twice in the face coughed. “The police were called because of disturbance in the sanctuary (VI-a street in Wilrijk. Some of the people were gathered together, despite the measures in force. The attendees showed their discontent against the police, but the 26-year-old showed himself to be extremely aggressive. He didn’t want to keep away, as is the coronamaatregelen state. After the threats, as well as the address, the inspectors came very close, and coughed twice, in the face of the inspector. The man was arrested, and he will be made by the public prosecutor’s office appeared to be.”

The public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp, makes clear, stringent action against the people who coronacrisis aware of any coughing, sneezing, itching on the spit at the police and the citizens. “This behaviour is extremely anti-social, and social is totally unacceptable. This is the type of behavior that will be punished with prison sentences from 3 months to 2 years and / or fines of up to 400 up to 2.400 euros. Coughing, spitting and sneezing on food, it is even more severe punishable by 6 months to 5 years old, and from 1,600 to 16,000 euros.”