Two of the Flemish producers, in consultation with the office of prime minister, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) in the production of medical surgical masks in the us. The best in The Future. After a couple of missed deliveries from the foreign countries took up the call for your own production. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The task force is The Backer for the medical sale this week, with the companies, and it was Friday, an agreement is reached. “The arrangements have been made, and we can do any time of the contract,” says De Backer. “This makes me happy, because it gives you confidence for the near and more distant future. I am pleased that we are now, with their own production, in Flanders, in may, to start with, we are sure to be of high quality.”

from the start, it will be a million-surgical, surgical masks per week.

the CEO of one of the two companies,

A surgical mouth mask that covers the mouth and nose of a textile fabric, which acts as a filter.“In the start-up phase, it will be a million-surgical, surgical masks per week,” says the CEO of one of the two companies, that is, a deadline would be disappointing. The two companies will also want to tentatively prefer to be under the radar and continue to be. “The production is started, we do not want to be deluged by enquiries from the press or potential customers.

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