british tv presenter Victoria Derbyshire went live on the BBC with a hidden message written on the back of the hand.

the Message consists of 11 digits and was a cry for help.

the 51-year-old Victoria Derbyshire, however, was not the one who needed help.

The 11 digits written on the back of her hand was instead a wake-up call in relation to the increasing voldsproblemer, since corona-the crisis is registered in the british home.

The 11-digits represented telephone number for the national hotline for domestic violence in the Uk, where the number of call – ago corona-the crisis closed large parts of british society down – is increased by 25 percent.

It writes CNN.

Voldsplagede home in the whole world

the Uk is far from the only place in the world, where isolation as a result of the corona-virus causes more violence within the home’s four walls.

In large parts of the world there are reports of increases in the level of violence in the home, and according to the UN, the problem is so large, that the secretary-general, António Guterres, on Monday went out with a call to the governments of the world to take care of it.

“Violence is not limited to the battlefield. For many women and girls lurking threat where they otherwise ought to be safest. In their own home,” said the UN secretary-general, António Guterres.

According to AFP and Reuters there has been a tripling in the number of reports of violence against women in China.

In India, the number doubled, while the French shelters have seen a third more requests for domestic violence since the curfew came into force.

In Australia is that in the aftermath of the corona-the crisis made 75 percent more googlesøgninger for help against domestic violence.

And in Tunisia was that in the last week of march, the 40 inquiries about violence against women. In the same week last year, there were seven.

Did it to help

In an email to CNN writes Victoria Derbyshire that she wrote the secret message on his hand in the morning and took a picture of it on Twitter.

But instead of washing the number away she let it sit, when she went live on tv

“I let the track stand on my skin in the hope that it could help some of the millions who saw with according at nine o’clock in the morning on BBC 1,” she writes.