Usually know the Danish viewers of the british tv doctor Christian Jessen as a voice of reason in the program ‘Body impossible’, which will be sent on TV 2.

however, It is far from a sensible move, as the celebrity has come up with recently. He has aroused the anger of an opinion on the Italy and their problems with coronavirussen.

For even though the country is hard hit by the pandemic, which is ravaging the world, so believe the tv doctor, that the country has chosen to close down their shops in order to take a relaxing, write the media to the Huffington Post.

“I know it is here, perhaps, is a bit racist, but it must In therefore excuse, but seems not, it is a poor excuse,” starts the star out with to ask, before he continues:

“you know the Italian, every time they see their cut to it, so close everything and stop working for a long break.”

this is the comment from the doctor in a radio interview with the media, Fubar Radio. The comment fell, after more than 1000 deaths in Italy as a result of coronavirussen.

It is the country in Europe, which is the hardest hit, and more than 15,000 people are infected with the disease. Christian Jessens comment is therefore decreased more in the chest.

In the radio program receive the doctor also said that it is more of a problem, living in the media than it in fact is a problem. Then compare the he corona with the flu and says that there is also a door thousands each year when influenza is.

People believe, however, that the tv doctor has completely misunderstood the situation, and there are a large number of angry postings on Twitter.

‘We know this is worse than a flu for many people with heart and lung problems, the elderly and people with immunproblemer. It is not meant to be doctors, as a minimum, must have empathy? Wow, dr. Jessen, just wow,’ says the indignant in a posting on Twitter.

‘I’ve just lost a lot of respect for Dr. Christian Jessen,’ sounds from another Twitter user.

the Doctor also said of the much debated program, that he does not believe it is a real pandemic, before he pulls it back again. He says that he hopes he’s not going to eat his words again. Something, time will show, after the doctor has aroused so much debate.