Bart De Wever has set except for the ad about the non-enforcement of penalties for those who are on a park bench to sit on. “She’s got it wrong-the debate was, in particular, that we ought not to follow them.”

“You can’t sit on a couch. I’m not going to survive. So said Bart De Wever, N-VA chairman and Antwerp mayor, last week. And he threw it out there as a Facebook ad, on top of, to be the ruling force.

and The Truth continues to be there, that he’s understanding, wants for a large group of city-dwellers who don’t have a garden, but also want to go out. But the ad wasn’t a good idea, ” he said Monday night in Regard to.

“I’m sorry, that ad is wrong the image will be delivered. Mea culpa. It wasn’t a great ad, I give you that. Because it’s the wrong debate to be attracted, in particular, that we ought not to follow them. The debate over the legality of any rules and / or penalties. If you are only in a bank, and don’t do anything that’s in public health, you will receive confirmation and a 250 euro fine.”

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