On the cars as well as cars and tanks carrying the waste, may be new decals. The initiative was considered by the sub-Commission on the improvement of the Supervisory functions of the governmental Commission for administrative reform.

As explained by the Chairman of the Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev, the draft law introduces special marking of vehicles carrying waste.

“Special decals will depend on the hazard class of the waste. Develop and approve labelling, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation. Amendments to the law “On wastes of production and consumption” particularly draw attention to the fact that labeling to be not only the vehicle carrying the waste, but also containers, and tanks”, – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

He noted that the marking of dangerous goods will match international rules. The requirements for companies engaged in transportation of waste will be simplified.

“the Project envisages the abolition of the requirements to adopt special rules on transportation of waste and thus to differentiate requirements depending on the hazard class of the waste. Now the process will be governed by the usual rules of carriage of goods. Let me remind you, the purpose of passing administrative reform: remove redundant requirements and to reduce the pressure on business”, – concluded the Chairman of the Board of AYUR.