The tricolor will launch the project

From 3 April to 31 may “Victory Day” will be the main operator channel, multi-platform digital environment “Tricolor”. This was told at a press conference in Moscow, which, in addition to Kirill Nabutov, was attended by the Deputy General Director for strategic and operational marketing of the company Tricolor Andrey Nesterov, a musician and showman Nikolai Fomenko, daughter of Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Stepanovich Konev Natalia Koneva and co-chair of the Council MIPOD “Immortal regiment” Sergey Lapenkov.

In the ranks of the “Immortal regiment” will be the young heroes of the XXI century

the Event didn’t even sound like a press conference and speakers gathered in the hall, and those who could be seen on the screen – the media showed the ready – made materials- told personal family stories related to the war and close relatives. This personal darker tone in the first place, and are what will differentiate the new project from others that appear now and other channels. Browser “RG” asked the question about the uniqueness of the undertaking, and so answered it and Kirill Nabutov, and Andrey Nesterov. Nesterov also said: the feature of the project is that each viewer will have the opportunity to participate in creating the TV version of “Immortal regiment” from the comfort of home. For this you need to upload to a special website to manganapatite.Russia – photos and stories of their loved ones who fought for their country. These materials will be combined into a video. Most heroes will tell the project “Immortal regiment in the air”, created in collaboration with the international movement “the Immortal regiment”. And all the sketches at the end of the project “Victory Day” will be stored on the official page of “Immortal regiment”.

the Foundation of the etheric grid channel “Victory Day” will be a series of “Remember the war”, “Commanders of the Victory. Personal, Figures of Victory”, “Five weeks to Win.” Also, viewers will see films about the great Patriotic war – the most memorable Soviet and Russian films, popular TV series, “Seventeen moments of spring”, “Elimination”, “Admiral”, “28 Panfilov”, “Battle for Sevastopol”, “Young guard”, “Five brides” and many others. All in all, over 125 hours of content.

Photo: Press service ZVO In St. Petersburg, repaired tanks T-34 to participate in the Victory parade

In the “Remember the war” viewers see the stories told as the ordinary people of our country and the artists of cinema, theater and music: Alisa Freundlich, Konstantin Khabensky, Nikolai Fomenko, Maxim Leonidov, Julia Menshovoj, Dmitry Dibrov, Irina Pegawai, Alexander by Tsypkin and others. Reporters were moved: in the materials that they saw the first, sounded shrill history. Alice Freynlih talked about how during the war years, spent hours staring at clocks – grandmother gave the family the pieces of bread at a certain time, and once Alice – small – left neighbors. They eat beets, and she had to sit on a chair so as not to see what they eat. Since then and to this day beets for her treat. Irina Pegova was told about grandpa Sasha, who came to Berlin, then she sought his signature on the Reichstag. Nikolai Fomenko showed a portrait of his grandfather on the phone. “Those who went through the war, never anything about her not to tell. Because it is such a shock in life, that everything that happened then seems to them like crap, compared to this”. Fomenko also told about the heavy memories of his grandmother. The little girl – she’s not eaten in a candy store cake-Bush and left it on the plate. And when the blockade began and the cafe was boarded up, she always thought that cake so there it lies and waits for her. “People who have passed the crucible of war, live the longest, – said Mykola Fomenko. – Because it is steel in the nervous system. This is a – rodss that you “swallowed”.

no One denied us in conversation, and in fact any document and the archive will not replace a story of a living person

the project “the Generals of the Victory. Personal” dedicated to the outstanding military commanders of the great Patriotic war. Their memories of the war heroes will share relatives marshals: Natalia Konev, the daughter of the Marshal of Soviet Union I. S. Konev; Natalia Malinowska, daughter of Marshal Malinovsky; Karina Nazarova, granddaughter of Marshal I. Bagramyan; Alexey Govorov, grandson of Marshal Govorov, Rokossovsky, Konstantin, the grandson of Marshal Rokossovsky and others. In addition, the channel is planned to organize live broadcasting of the upcoming Victory day Parade on red square.

“In these commercials is sincerity. And found very good speakers. To find such people is a great achievement for the channel. Many subtle things, and I think young people will listen to,” said Natalia Konev. She added that in the end all we get is priceless chronicle. And admitted that the team is headed Nabutov called trust and she, and her associates. They tried to “turn inside out”, but all to reliably tell..

Russian TV channel will tell about the victory over fascism in Europe

“Working on the project “Victory Day”, we went through probably five thousand only documents of the Central archive of the Ministry of defense, and how many photos and documents at home archives – do not count. We talked with veterans of the war and very grateful to them for these conversations, sometimes for hours, because they were tiring for elderly people, but no one denied us in conversation, and in fact any document and the archive will not replace a story of a living person. The draft Tricolor “Victory Day” is a tribute of our deep respect to the people, past that terrible time. A tribute to those who in that time left. Still the memory of the war – in fact, the main thing that unites our country,” says host and co-producer of TV channel “Victory Day” Cyril Nabutov.

On creation of content for the channelas of January 2020 work nearly four dozen members of the crew. For “Victory Day” in different cities of Russia (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Izhevsk and Stary Oskol, Murmansk and others) have already taken more than 110 hours of footage and shooting are still ongoing.

Where to look?

“Victory Day” for customers of the Tricolor will broadcast round the clock at number 29 in the list of channels (via satellite) and the OOT environment through the application “Tricolor Cinema and TV”.

the Way

To attract attention to the project operator will conduct a large nationwide advertising and awareness campaign. General coverage communications will account for 60 % of Russia’s population, about 80 million people.

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