The Tretyakov gallery started a video installation work in the hall of Repin

you Might be surprised, but broadcast live from the floor of Ilya Repin, where he returned his paintings from the exhibition in the Russian Museum – absolutely fascinating.

It seems to be devoid of intrigue. It is not captivated tricks “manual” camera. The camera still stable and changes position only to give the viewer a better idea of what is happening in the hall. You can look at the screen of your monitor or TV from time to time, being distracted by household chores. Just parallel with your life in the Museum is its life. It never showed the audience. This is not the main entrance where limousines drive up with the invited guests to the opening, and the service entrance. But real life – it opens here, with the service entrance. The usual haul, collective, slow, professional. Neither workers nor the keepers of the camera do not pay attention – there are more important tasks. But this stream though has among the ancient predecessors of the TV show “Behind the glass” and “Dom-2”, appeals to a different audience – the inhabitants of Internet, able and loving to catch the details of everyday life.

the Mariinsky theatre will show online “Eugene Onegin” and “the Sleeping beauty”

And the audience is there. Read the comments on the side, right in view mode.

Some are willing, like Thomas Struth, the German photographer who shot people in museums around the world, to see the beauty of the moment “meetings”. Here Light Kostyshina writes: “Like, opened a portal into the past, and how they are modern people, harmonious with those! How beautiful! Priceless footage!!!”

Others are simply expressing respect. So, passing notes Andrey Badaev?: “Pretty cool!” Somebody jokes like Ivan Restoration: “it’s Nice to watch how others work”. And someone unexpectedly confesses to Elena: “?I would love there to work as a cleaner, but I’m quite far, over 6000 km))”. Someone who cares, disinfected tools, and gets the answer: “all Right tools, then the guys, and they are in WAno risk… pretty”.

And then suddenly the commentators begin to communicate among themselves. As with any blog where there is life.

Irina Korotneva? “I’m actually worried now)) not to drop.”

Ivan Restoration? “Don’t worry, I won’t. Their heads podrachivat if you’re not careful.”

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti Tretyakov has uploaded the full archive of its exhibitions

Irina Korotneva? “Ivan, well calmed:)”

Kira Deli: “Wow.”

Elena Maltseva?: “The frame still has value!!!”

Sergey: “Join”.

I’m joining. I’ll continue to watch. And advise you.

Thank you, #Tretyakov house!


by the Way, who lectures interested, they also have. Tomorrow at 12.00 on the art of sewing and icon painting of the Stroganov masters of the XVI-XVII centuries tells Elena Saenkova.

And on 6 April, also at 12.00, Cyril Fireflies reflect “alone with all” on socialist realism and the issues around it.

also a gift to all who yearn for libraries. The materials of scientific conferences of the Tretyakov gallery for the past ten years have posted online. Look at the link.


5.5-fold increase over the last two weeks attendance online project “Lavrus”.

1364 the average person attending “Lavrus” every day.

More than 8 thousand people audience has increased the Tretyakov gallery in Instagram last week.