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– Here there is space for twelve passengers, who get a quick and pleasant trip, ” says Thor Arvid Pedersen in the Hardangerfjord Adventure.

He shows off the high-speed boat with two powerful outboard motors. The boat used to ferry tourists around in Hardanger. Unfortunately is it to kai, after that koronakrisen led to the sudden stop for the tourist industry.

– Suddenly everything was cancelled throughout march, april and may. We lost 300,000, respectively, ” says Pedersen.


Now to his company, and other tourism enterprises in the Hardanger region, change both the products and the marketing. The goal is to get more norwegians to this year’s summer season.

But there are several differences between foreign and Norwegian tourists, and thus businesses must adapt.

– For foreigners it is great to be able to fill drinking water in the bottle straight from a waterfall. It doesn’t have as big a “wow-factor” for a Norwegian tourist, ” says Pedersen.

his Company had planned to offer laksesafari, with visits to a fish farm, but realize that this isn’t just exotic and attractive to the norwegians.

– We also see a clear difference in that the foreign tourists will discover Hardanger in groups with a guide. Norwegians prefer to manage on their own. So it will probably be a much smaller need for guiding, for example, to mountain hiking. Norwegians feel very safe on the mountain, ” he says.

THE IN HARDANGER: Reiselivsbedriftene in Hardanger shows want to display such images, and hope that norwegians will come to visit for the summer.

Photo: Willy Haraldsen / Samfoto – Worst year in living memory

– 2019 was a record year in Hardanger. Now we are heading for the worst year in living memory, ” says tourism director Andreas Skogseth in Visit Hardangerfjord.

The vast majority of the tourists who come to Hardanger are foreigners. Because of the uncertain situation in the world believes Skogseth that they now have to persuade the norwegians to Hardanger.

– We need to think again. First and foremost, it’s about to get norwegians to come to Hardanger, ” says reiselivsdirektøren.

He points out that norwegians are fond of outdoor activities and great experiences.

– You can experience their lives, skiing and a glacier walk on Folgefonna glacier, Hardangerfjord and so you can, for example, be on a siderrute in Ulvik. Where do you go from farm to farm and taste the pages, promote him.

– It comes to put this together for the exciting packages that will appeal to the norwegians. Previously we have not focused enough on this, because we have had so many foreign tourists, admits Skogseth.

tourism director: Andreas Skogseth in Visit Hardangerfjord say they need to realign themselves to get the most norwegians to use the summer holidays in Hardanger.

Photo: Synne Lykkebø Hafsaas / NRK Several “actions” for norgesferie

Several reiselivseksperter has recently spoken warmly about Norway as the shadow for the norwegians, just because of koronakrisen.

Ane Mari Braut Nese, head of the Friluftsrådenes Association, recently said to NRK that norway has an excellent chance to discover places in Norway you haven’t seen before.

On Facebook, it has appeared several groups with the same message.

One of them is called Yes to norgesferie. The group is created by reiselivsselskapet Lost In Norway, which usually sell tours to foreign tourists in Norway.

Vossingen Arne Hjeltnes helps in an advert they have published. Hjeltnes even has a background as a reiselivsutsending for Innovation Norway.

Before there was a slogan called “Norway, your nearest the shadow”. Rarely has that been more true than now, says Hjeltnes in the film.

Arne Hjeltnes invite to Norgesferie-volunteers. See the film and part ?

Published to YES to Norgesferie Wednesday 8. april 2020

– Desperate situation

the Number of foreign overnight stays in Norway in the last year is estimated at 10.7 million gjestedøgn, according to statistics from trade association the Norwegian Tourism industry.

Executive director Kristin Krohn Devold in the NHO Tourism says the situation is desperate for many companies who have been torn away the customer base almost overnight.

She hopes now is that many tourism companies, as soon as smittevernreglene allow it, will go to their own nærmarkeder and to the norwegians otherwise. At the same time she hopes norwegians supports Norwegian companies.

– Use this summer to get the eyes up for Norway as a shadow! is the invitation to her.

But she recalls that very many norwegians already use Norway as a shadow. She, therefore, think it is completely unrealistic that the norwegians to “take over” for the foreigners.

– Norwegians are the largest customer group for the Norwegian tourism industry. It is not possible to fully compensate for the loss of foreign tourists, ” she says.

NORWEGIAN TOURISTS: Managing director Kristin Krohn Devold in NHO Reiseliv hope norwegians supports a skadeskutt travel businesses by using the feriepengene in Norway.

Photo: Per Sollerman

the NHO-the director has a very clear message to the Norwegian municipalities:

– A successful summer requires that the national policy is practised, and that no locally select the more stringent rules. Skjenkeforbud in Oslo and søringkarantene in the north will effectively prevent the Norwegian reservations.

the KNOWN AND UNKNOWN PEARLS: Trolltunga is perhaps the most well-known turmålet in Hardanger, but the local companies emphasize that there are many other and more gems.

Photo: TOM INGEBRIGTSEN – Hidden gems

Thor Arvid Pedersen in the Hardangerfjord Adventure don’t think he gets the turnover he had expected to the summer.

But he hopes they get some more Norwegian customers.

– the Hardanger is a beautiful place, with unique nature. Not only the famous places, but also many hidden gems, ” he says.

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