Soccer ball with The South Korean attacker with a move for Son Heung-min, who at the end of march, have been granted permission by his club to return to his country, in the month of april, his duty to perform. According to South Korean media, he will be from the 20th of april, on the island of Jeju to participate in a boot camp for the navy.

The 27-year-old Son, will receive basic training. The football player was the way to the gold medal at the Asian Games in 2018, exempt from regular army service, which normally, for nearly two years, since his football career as a result in the mission to come. Instead, he had to be part of three weeks of basic training followed, and about 500 hours of service to perform.

Son got to the end of march, the green light to move to the “because of ‘personal reasons’ and return to his own country, when the Premier League was shut down by the coronacrisis. He broke down on the 16th of February, during the Premier League match against Aston Villa on his arm, and was since then no longer in action.