The shading affair around the former Credit Suisse executives, Iqbal Khan (43) brings to the squad, the big Bank still flowing. In the case of CS-Switzerland-in-chief Thomas Gottstein (55), by burning the Fuses.

According to a report in the ‘NZZ am Sonntag’ to have taken care of the CS-Topmann since three weeks in a Zurich Restaurant crown hall for a scene. According to several sources Gottstein should be at the table, in which a Confidant of the Khan, and other people at the dinner sat. Gottstein should have attacked the Khan-Familiar verbal. In particular, he is reported to have said that he was going to kill the Khan-Familiar, as well as Khan himself “”.

Aloys Hirzel, the well-known PR professional

the name of The Khan-trust in the newspaper called, the “trade newspaper” wanted him to make public: It was Aloys Hirzel (69), the flagship of the influential communications Agency, Hirzel Neef Schmid.

But the article was overturned after an Intervention of the media advocate of Hirzel in the last second from the output. Not stopped the advance notice to the “Handelszeitung”article, which had already been sent to could be.

“Gottstein apologized for his emotionality”

According to the daily Gazette had the article in the “handelszeitung” the scandal in a different light. Thus, Gottstein should seem to have brought the fact to the white glow, the well-known PR Agency had for many years accompanied the Credit Suisse communicative, Aloys Hirzel now but on the side, Khan has beaten.

Already in the “NZZ on Sunday” a week ago, the CS had confirmed the incident. “We confirm that Thomas Gottstein has crossed the beginning of October happens to be the personally well-known Person in a Restaurant in Zurich.”

on this occasion, Gottstein have expressed that the media reports on the shading affair around Iqbal Khan would have him and his Team motivate in addition to beat its competition in the Switzerland also in the future. “In the Wake of yourself Gottstein apologized for the emotional appeal,” said Credit Suisse. This had been accepted by the Person concerned. (nmz)