slowly, the Japanese auto industry, – good, the mood in the Land of smiles is after the coronation of the Emperor, and in spite of the aftermath of the devastating Typhoon Faxai on the way to the top. The small play, tax-advantaged Kei-Cars in the streets, on the Japanese island, the largest role on the clogged – they make up about a third of all new registrations. The best selling Honda N-Box has sold in 2019, about 175’000 times!

No wonder that also in the case of the up to 4. November ongoing 46. Tokyo motor show is turning back a lot to the tiny Kei-Cars, which, with its spectacular Design – time, retro -, modern – unique throughout the world. So the big Stars come on the show and then also from the domestic brands, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki and Nissan.

electric SUVs from Nissan and Mazda

Not a Kei-Car, but a near-production SUV study by the name of Ariya shows Renault’s cooperation partner Nissan. The goal: the gateway to the premium League knock. Not only the electric drive with around 200 to just under 400 HP, Front – or all-wheel drive or semi-Autonomous driving functions arouse desire. Ranges of up to 500 kilometers, provide at least 50’000 Swiss francs expensive electric SUV for the everyday use.

Very similar to the MX-30 is on the way, with the Mazda, from the second half of the year 2020 into the electric business wants to get in. The 35-kWh battery pack reduces the maximum range to nearly 200 miles, and also the 103 kW (140 HP) for the front-wheel drive in the competitive environment, small values. Points want. the Mazda MX-30 with its very affordable starting price of under 38’000 Swiss francs and its Design “The MX-30 is a Second or third car,” explains product Manager Tomiko Takeuchi.

Suzuki puts on cool Design

Even cooler, but less practical for the Suzuki Waku Sports is – in terms of Design, the highlight of the Tokyo motor show. At the push of a button the Plug-mutated-in Hybrid compact car from a hatchback model to a crisp Coupé. On the map of Kei-Car, Suzuki is set to be in the cool Hustler, as the Light Wagon Crossover or as a rustic Outdoor version is issued in each case with hybrid technology.

Toyota in his home race it’s own way. The industry leader laid his appearance in the Aomi-Exhibition centre, a metro Station away from the Rest of the fair. In the middle of a shopping Mall, the automaker presented to its Future Expo key models such as the all-electric city flea Ultra Compact has to BE at least 100 km range, and the futuristic Toyota e-Racer concept – an Autonomous two-seater.

Toyota shows new hydrogen car

Important models, such as the close-to-series Mirai Concept will go under as almost, although the second-Generation fuel-cell vehicle is unrecognizable. The previously quirky-looking hatchback is reminiscent to a mix of Audi A7 and BMW 8er Gran coupe. The highlight is but the bottom of the sheet: A new fuel cell system to generate around 30 percent more range and more power.

Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus continues, however, to the traditional exhibition approach and in the main hall, the dynamic athlete LF-30 Electrified Concept and the electrical studies of the e-pallet and the EC Concept.

Daihatsu is shown on the attack

Exciting as it gets for Daihatsu: Various colorful vehicles such as passenger vans Ico Ico, Waku Waku, a Kei-Car Crossover or the Microvan Wai Wai Concept are scattered like Easter eggs across the Grounds. Almost smiling mischievously, the sporty Copen GR Sport Concept next to it. The little Roadster looks aggressive and has nothing to do with the cuddly Cuteness of the series-Copen community.

Spectacular, but without any reference to reality it gets at Mitsubishi, with the fun of a Roadster MI-Tech Concept for a four-wheel drive Plug-in Hybrid model with a gas turbine. A similar concept has the sport tech rules with his 1300 HP racing Hybrid last year at the Geneva motor show presented. Sayonara it means, however, on the Subaru, where the Impreza WRX STI is officially adopted. The gap can also fill the new Levorg in spite of obvious qualities, at least in terms of drive hardly.

Honda is playing the Jazz

Honda demonstrates next to the us soon-start small electric e car the new Honda Fit, as Jazz is known. He remains as the previous variable and has space for up to five people or a lot of Luggage. As standard, there is a hybrid drive, however, without plug-in.

Not least with a view to the summer Olympic games 2020 is Autonomous Driving in some of the Japanese manufacturers, an issue. Concept studies such as the Suzuki Hanare is to move in the medium term, without the Intervention of a driver through the cities. The driver assistance system, a Pilot of Nissan to relieve in the next step, at least at speeds up to 60 km/h in city traffic the driver.

a Few European exhibitors

This should also be able to the Mercedes-EQ that rolls out 2021 on the international markets, and in Tokyo a glimpse of the first electric S-class. Also from Europe, Renault has arrived. The French Nissan-daughter does not show in the exhibition center, only the sharpened Alpine A110 S with 292 HP, but with the Lutecia, the Asia version of the fresh Clio.

Also, BMW tuner Alpina is in Tokyo and is celebrating in the Land of smiles with the world premiere of the 462 HP strong B3 sedan 40. Birthday.