The third cruise ship with sick COVID-19 arrived to Florida

Negin Kamali, a spokesman for the cruise company, reported that the ship “Coral Princess” moored in Miami. Ship with 1020 878 passengers and crew members on Board were in limbo for several days while waiting for mooring.

Photo: REUTERS/MASSIMO PINCA Russians liner Costa Luminosa will be quarantined in Rome

it is Known that as of Thursday, seven passengers and five crew members were infected with coronavirus. Four passengers were taken to hospital, including one Australian and three American. Two other tourists died before the arrival of the ship in Miami.

“the Coral Princess” was another cruise ocean liner in the world, a journey which became for many foreigners who have bought very expensive tours nightmare. The cruise, which began the fifth of March in Chile and was to end on March 19 in Argentina, continued for another two weeks, as several Latin American countries refused to allow passengers ashore during a pandemic coronavirus, according to CNN. In Argentina, the ship was able to leave not only infected the holders of Argentine passports.

it is still unclear how soon all on Board landed in Miami, but some of the most seriously ill will go first and will go to the hospital, said Saturday the mayor of Miami Dade County Carlos Gimenez. Other tourists with symptoms COVID-19 will remain on Board as long as the ship will be checked by doctors.

two More cruise liner, on Board of which were passengers with symptoms of coronavirus – “Zaandam” and "Rotterdam”, docked at port Everglades in Florida on Thursday night, ending its flight in darkening pandemic coronavirus.