The terrorist attack in London made an extremist out of the top 5, released a week ago

His name was in the top five most dangerous extremists. According to MI5, he was convicted more than 3 years for dozens of crimes, and his relatives complained that he sends them viral videos and texts, “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). The British media are overflowing with details of how and why 20-year-old Islamist, former student in mathematics, massacred in one of the most peaceful areas of London. The press is sure that the terrorist is “detonated” due to too close observation, the police appeared on the scene almost immediately.

the Attack occurred on a busy shopping street in the district Stretham in South London. The video, made by a witness, shows how the two agents of police in plain clothes bring guns lying on the pavement and bleeding man. This is a suicide 20-the summer inhabitant of London Sudesh Amman. Before it opened fire, the police, he ran into one of the shops, grabbed a knife from the counter and managed to wound two bystanders — a man and a woman. Another woman suffered from shards of glass that shattered from bullets fired by police.

“I heard screams. All around began to flee. One guy was lying on the ground, around him was a pool of blood, but I didn’t hear any gunshots. I immediately thought that this is just a disassembly of the bandits. The guy was in his twenties in a tracksuit. I didn’t see his face, he was just lying on the ground bleeding. More I didn’t see anything,” — says an eyewitness of the incident Rafe Askam.

Everything happened fast. Visitors to the adjacent cafe is not immediately understood why police asked them to leave.

the culprit was indeed something similar to a suicide belt. It frightened the police. They retreated to a safe distance. Later it turned out that it was a dummy.

a Short biography of the terrorists have been dismantled in detail in the British press. Boy from a large Muslim family grew up in the London borough of harrow. A few years ago, shave areilza radical ideas, and in 2018 was convicted of terrorist activities. He found propaganda materials of LIH (banned in Russia) and a diary in which he wrote about wanting to become a suicide bomber.

After serving half the term, he was released a week ago. The representative of Scotland Yard said that on the day of the attack was being watched by the police.

“Armed police as part of an operation to prevent terrorism conducted secret surveillance of the suspect, immediately responded, killing him at the scene of the crime”, — reported the Deputy assistant Commissioner of London police Lucy D’orsi.

Sudesh Amman is not the first parole terrorist who commits a crime. Three months ago in Central London two people killed released a radical Islamist Usman Khan.

due to the fact that occurred near Stream, another in the UK discussions about the adequacy of the current parole convicted of terrorism.

Prime Minister promises to make changes.

“I hope people understand that we have to deal with the system of parole of prisoners. Because it is not working properly”, — stressed the Prime Minister of great Britain, Boris Johnson.

criticism of the government was made by the mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

“We are aware of the existence of more than 70 people convicted of terrorism-related crimes who had been released from prison. What was the government doing to ensure that they pose no threat to society? Rising crime is a result of policies and cuts in government spending,” — said the mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

the inhabitants of Streama raise questions as to the actions of intelligence agencies and police.

“I don’t know if the police were after him so carefully watched, that’s why they didn’t bring him back to prison?” – is perplexed woman.

“FirstUSA the duty of the government to ensure the safety of people! I agree with this woman if he was watching, so what are not arrested immediately and made all this?” – outraged man.

Scotland Yard to take the time to discuss the details of the incident. At the scene are still working the crime scene. Police conducted a search of the hotel room, where, after his release, he lived a terrorist.