Skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai was painted in the Russian tricolor in honor of the Day of Russia. This was reported in the Twitter account buildings.

“We wish our Russian community gala day”, — stated in the message.

Burj Khalifa — the high, high-rise building and the tallest building in the world. Its height is 828 meters and 163 floors.

نضيء #برج_خليفة احتفالاً روسيا اليوم بيوم. نتمنى لأصدقائنا في روسياً يوماً مليئاً بالسعادة والبهجة! ??

Burj Khalifa lights up in honour of Russia Day. We wish our Russian community a celebratory day. ??

the Day of Russia is celebrated annually since 1992, the day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of the RSFSR on 12 June 1990 from the Soviet Union. In addition, in many cities of the country June 12 is celebrated as the city Day.