the vast majority of The Swiss don’t want to abandon the digital achievements. With regard to the digital future, is to split the population. In Numbers: 35 percent are afraid of it, 36 percent are happy. Men are digital innovations compared to the significantly more open-minded than women.

a representative study of the research Institute Sotomo shows in the order of Ringier. In the run-up to the digital day of 3. September 2019 were asked 4400 people about their hopes and Fears for the digital change.

fear of loss of job

Approximately half believes that by digitizing more and more Jobs disappear as incurred. In addition, it is feared that the remaining Jobs are becoming more demanding. A majority expected that to be a part of your work will be accepted within ten years from the Computer. Fear the Swiss more before the loss of privacy through the digital data acquisition.

The survey shows vividly how the digitization is already in the normal everyday life arrived. 88 percent use a navigation system, the good old road map has had its day. Just 13 percent do their payments at the post office counter, the Rest relies on E-Banking. 81 percentage of fill in the tax return in digital form.

Since 2017, the Digitaltag is held annually under the auspices of the initiative for digital Switzerland. The aim of the national day of action on 3. To September 2019: the digitization of tangible and to encourage dialogue around the topic. The main partners are APG, Google, Ringier (BLICK-editor), SBB, SRG SSR and Swisscom.

travelers who are looking for your train in the course book, are clearly in the minority. Only nine percent leaves through the traditional SBB Tome. Each third party is glad to Google Maps, because he has no more questions in person following the path.

the doctor digital

communicate with A large majority of the Swiss is of the view that we are in terms of new technologies at the beginning. In ten years, you should talk about with the refrigerator, digital choose and match the doctor with a Boo-Boo digital right to ask advice.

what is striking is the scepticism towards innovations in the field of road transport, however, is. Only 30 percent believe that self-establish at the end of cars by 2030 on Swiss roads. Only seven percent believe in flying taxis.