For a national Council seat would fly Pascal Lottaz (33) half way around the world. The assistant Professor of international relations and history, lives in Tokyo, 10’000 kilometers in Switzerland. He is running in the autumn for the SP in Freiburg.

Lottaz, is one of about 30 Swiss Abroad, compete on a SP-list. A third of the Candidates lives – as he – on a different continent: Asia, Africa, South or North America. In the case of an election to the national Council in Switzerland? For the vast majority, with a VIEW to has spoken, not an Option. to fly

“As much of a Problem,”

That the SP does not want to fly their Candidates in the year 2019, which is in the sign of climate protection, the Federal house, a certain irony is. Finally, the social Democrats have placed but just a “climate Marshall plan”, with the the air traffic to reduce.

Also Lottaz admits: “to fly As much, is a Problem” – even if he would try, only so often as to commute in Switzerland and a CO2-would pay compensation. You have to decide. “Finally, it would be wrong, a whole group of people from political Offices, to exclude.”

From Lottaz’ the point of view of the Swiss abroad “between the chair and the bench”. “We are soon going to be over a Million – still we are in Switzerland, almost invisible.” He’d chosen, he demanded, “that the external form of the Swiss own constituency, so to speak, a virtual 27. The Canton of”. Because today the Swiss abroad do not choose the candidates from abroad, but the electorate of a freely selectable Canton.

you want to give via Skype

Tobias Brandner (54) connection of the Fifth Switzerland wants to be a voice of Hong Kong. There, the theologian, teaches at a University and is part-time prison chaplains. “To solve global problems, it needs also the political globally networked people,” says Brandner, who is competing in Lucerne.

the Same Thierry Luescher (48) sees this. The candidate of the SP of Freiburg, lives in South Africa, at the Cape of Good hope. Like the other two SPler he introduces himself to fly for the four sessions per year in Switzerland. With regard to the Commission’s meetings, hope the Swiss abroad on innovative solutions. “I would try, me by Skype to the call,” says Brandner. In the light of the Commission’s secrecy is a hard-to-actionable desire.

SP-Guldimann is skeptical

Skeptical of Tim Guldimann (68), the first “Inter-national Council,” Switzerland expresses itself. He retired in 2018 after half term, because the Commute from Berlin, was too time-consuming. He finds it good, when abroad, to run Swiss. “However, you have to be willing to spend enough time in Switzerland.” His experience will show that it was difficult “to make policy, to be without the people”.

The SP is not the only party, in the case of the Swiss abroad to compete. For the Grisons SVP Andrea Farhat-Dähler (37) increases in the race. The daughter of the “pineapple king” of the immigrant Johann Dähler, who lives in the ivory coast. She is the Director of a trading company in Abidjan.

the amount of CO2 caused a flight (there and back) to Zürich:

Tokyo – the place of residence of Pascal Lottaz (SP candidate): 3.7 tons of CO2-equivalent, Hong Kong – the place of residence of Tobias Brandner (SP): 3.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalents-Cape town – place of residence of Thierry Luescher (SP): 3.5 tonnes of CO2-equivalent Abidjan – the place of residence of Andrea Farhat-Dähler (SVP): 1.8 tonnes of CO2 Equivalents

average fuel consumption of a Swiss pro of the year: 4.7 tons of CO2-Equivalent maximum consumption, to climate to stop warming: 0.6 tons of CO2-Equivalent