In fruit and grocery stores, they were condemned to the trash – apples, strawberries and other fruits that were perfectly ripe. La Transformerie saves these unsold items by cooking them into sauces, spreads and marmalades, exquisite products for which chef Guillaume Cantin has the recipe.

It was by taking up the challenge of preparing a gourmet meal using ingredients recovered from grocery store dumpsters that chef Guillaume Cantin, initially skeptical, became aware of the quantity of quality products that were lost and ‘an obvious flaw in the food system. Some time later, La Transformerie was born thanks to the collaboration of businesses in the Rosemont-La Petite Patrie district and a squad of volunteers.

“We have around 20 to 25 people per week who get involved in the kitchen, collecting food or packaging products,” he emphasizes. Since 2019, the non-profit organization has been able to save 200,000 kg of food from a sad fate. Each pot sold helps recover 12 kg of food, three-quarters of which is redistributed to organizations to combat food insecurity. This important aspect of La Transformerie’s mission is in addition to the two others, which are raising awareness of food waste and the production of canned goods for Rescapés.

For Christmas, the team is presenting its gift box which includes two products from the Rescapés range: Madras Apple Curry sauce and Apple Tart spread. This salty-sweet duo immerses us in the holiday spirit and memories of homemade pies made with love. “There’s just the pie crust that we didn’t manage to get into the pot,” jokes Guillaume Cantin.

The spread, which includes twice as much fruit and half as much sugar as a jam, makes a perfect combination with a sharp cheddar or roast pork. “Mixed with mustard in a two-to-one ratio, it spices up poultry in no time,” suggests the chef. As for the sauce – a marriage of 13 spices on a base of apple, onion and garlic – it is another versatile condiment that elevates roast poultry as much as shrimp or pan-fried tofu.

Once again, La Transformerie demonstrates that recovery really tastes good.