Get free medicine and examinations that are not included in the CHI program, have seriously ill patients. This position was made by the Supreme court.

the High court reviewed the complaint of the inhabitant of the Altai territory. A woman’s child is disabled with a severe genetic disease of the nervous system. The doctors and FBGO “Medical genetic research center”, where several years have seen a boy, gave him a special screening for the presence of breakage of the genome. But feel free to pass it was impossible.

Mother had to go to a private lab and pay 35 thousand roubles. The survey dispelled the doubts of the medical profession: it has become clear that the child will help only a one-year course of import of the drug. The standard scheme of therapy was not for him, but foreign medicine has already shown its effectiveness on children with the same diagnosis. But the drug is not registered in Russia, so buy his family had at their own expense.

the Rejection of the new scheme would be dire consequences. The disease can rapidly progress, the child – to lose the ability to speak. A woman has filed a lawsuit against Altai Ministry of health with a demand to recover the costs of genetic testing and to immediately provide the child the necessary medication for the entire course of treatment.

the First instance the plaintiff won, but in the appeal, the decision could not resist. The judge concluded that the woman has no right to compensation for their expenses. According to the rules she was supposed to pay for the study herself, and to stand in turn, and humbly to wait for quotas for high-tech medical care. Moreover, in the CHI program or foreign drug, no checks of the genome for damage there.

However, the Supreme court sided with the family of a sick child. In its determination, the Supreme court stressed that a costly examination and treatment of the child appointed doctors-genetics, and it was not a whim of the parents. And selected non-standard treatment regimen has led to improved health of the boy.

he stressed that the armed forces, the refusal of the officials to pay for the therapy to seriously ill children, even if some procedures are not included in MHI, is a serious violation of the right to free medical assistance guaranteed by the state.