Both of them are German music legends, both have won with their albums and Songs on several occasions of platinum. But like really Dieter Bohlen (65) and Herbert Grönemeyer (63) not seem.

On Saturday, the Pop-titanium in the casting show “das super talent ranting and raving” about the voice of Grönemeyer – and was booed by the audience. But from the front:

candidate Robin Henderson (37) wanted to impress the Jury with his Version of the Grönemeyer-Hits “The way”. Bohlen was after this announcement a little excited. As a candidate, Henderson mentioned that he had twelve years ago, already in the case of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) in front of the Screed sung, not he increased the enthusiasm of the jurors even further. Bohlen told him at the time, his voice a blade to a very “to sleep”. “But I’ve been practicing,” assured Henderson immediately.

Bohlen Gröneymeyer: “More sleep goes, Yes,”

His Performance proved it. The audience was delighted – the judges part. Bruce Darnell (62) is no longer said to Henderson: “grönemeyer’s voice, you get out of your head. Only Grönemeyer sing Grönemeyer. What he does is absolute madness.”

Planks could not share this view about Grönemeyer, and taunts: “The voice of Herbert’s annoying of course, sometimes.” As the audience Bohlen comment with Boo-responded to the Call, put this one: “So me, the voice is annoying sometimes, because he’s singing so high and tight. If the would sing with me… So more sleep is not Yes.”

Apparently, more talking was like the Version of candidate Henderson. His voice is “scary male, full and wide”.

The result: Henderson in the next round, and Germany is wondering if Planks would throw the Mega-musician Grönemeyer at a theoretical DSDS-participation out of it. In the social media, the opinion seems to be: “Sheer envy this self-loving Planks. To Grönemeyer, he is never ran, which is worlds better than him!” someone commented on Twitter. (nim)