“the Use of solar energy and energy storage to reduce diesel consumption for remote and isolated areas gaining in popularity, says the Director General of the Information analytical center “New energy” Vladimir Sidorovich. – You can say that it is the best practice for energy management in such areas. Contrary to popular opinion, Russia has great solar potential. In many regions of our country, in the vast territories, the level of solar radiation exceeds the European average. For example, in the South of Primorsky Krai Transbaikal or marked Spanish indicators of solar radiation. In Yakutia the average annual level of insolation is also very good.”

It is understood by the investors. So, for the last five years, the far Eastern Federal district entered the top of the regions most actively developing projects related to solar energy.

Company RUSNANO also considers isolated areas of the far East region promising for the development of solar generation. Group RUSNANO and UK “Power” begin to create the first renewable energy in terms of energy service contracts in the settlements, cut off from unified energy system in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The project involves the construction of five hybrid power plants (ASEU), which will include solar power station (SES), diesel installation (DES) and system energy (SNE). Also, the ASUE will be equipped with automated control systems and remote monitoring.

According to experts, after installation of ASUE the consumption of expensive diesel fuel will decrease by two times the current level, which will significantly reduce the load on the environment.

Enter the object into operation is planned before the end of 2021. Investment in the construction of five ASUE will be about 1 billion rubles. However, equally impressive amount will not affect the growth of tariffs for consumers. On the contrary, after a 10-year payback period, tariffs for electricity will be reduced. This scenario is possible due to the mechanism of action of the energy service contract when the return on investment for upgrades comes at the expense of the energy service company, and the costs were covered by funds which had managed to save money by reducing the cost of diesel fuel.

“in Addition to technology for projects ASUE very important framework conditions for investor confidence in return on investment, – said Vladimir Sidorovich. – Energy contract – one of the proper legal structures”.

“This project, we consider as a new stage in the development of renewable energy in Russia – says the Chairman of the Board of UK “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais. We started with large solar and wind farms on the wholesale market and this cluster was held today. The next step is an isolated area of the Far East. Contrary to common views, there is a high level of solar insolation. However, the use of natural resources to provide reliable and environmentally clean energy supply of consumers hindered by the lack of tools guaranteed return on investment. A new mechanism of energy service contracts will allow to mass-implement a comprehensive, innovative solutions for energy supply of settlements, cut off from unified energy system”.

According to experts, the project will provide remote areas with uninterrupted power supply, will significantly reduce the load on the environment, and will also give an impetus to the economic development of the region.

there are plans to replicate the experience of the first energy service ASUE to other settlements of Yakutia and the Far East regions. For these purposes, RUSNANO and UK “Power” consider the possibility of establishing a joint investment Fund, the estimated portfolio of renewable energy projects in isolated areas up to 500 MW.

According to the calculations of partners, the potential volume of local renewable energy generation in isolated areas of the Far East is estimated at 800 MW, of which about 500 MW is necessary on the projects of the Group RusHydro.

renewable energy is inextricably linked with the development of technologies of accumulation of energy. As the level incalcarii changeable and solar modules produce different amounts of energy depending on the time of day and time of year, so the project for the establishment of ASEU will be used in energy storage devices, created on the basis of lithium-ion batteries, manufactured by a Russian company “Liotech” (a portfolio company of RUSNANO). The use of storage will save the excess generated energy in order to use it at any time, and therefore does not depend on the uniformity of generation of solar energy. In addition, the drive will become a backup source of electricity that does not require time to start-unlike backup diesel generators.

Rechargeable cell “Liotech” is already used in the hybrid power plant of the company “Hevel”, which was launched in the village of Menza in Zabaykalsky Krai. As part of the installation was used battery cell to the energy storage capacity of 300 kWh. Also in February of this year the company “Liotech” together with “System energy” (belongs to the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs RUSNANO Group) set a record capacity batteries – 8 MW/h for Burzyansky SES in Buryatia.