The planned abolition of the time change forward in this year an inch – even though an overwhelming majority of EU citizens. And only the Corona of a crisis is not to blame.

The clocks were again advanced by one hour. Now, it is again up to the 25. October, the the summer time, although the Sunday weather don’t want to fit in: snow or mix of rain and snow down to low altitudes are all the rage in many Parts of Germany.

should Actually be the basis of a proposal from Ex-President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (65), the time change already in 2019 abolished.

The EU Commission had submitted a self-organised survey in September 2018 the draft Directive. However, under the Austrian presidency it was not possible to reach quick agreement.

The European Parliament finally voted in favour of the time change according to the year 2021 to give up. However, the member States are further than ever from an agreement on permanent standard time or summer time away – and the topic was once more on the agenda.