A property, what question came up for the ZSC Lions in the last few years in connection with the Trainer, there is a currently lives extensively: the patience. First, they analyzed the debakulöse season, which, in fact, already at the 4. March with the Miss of the Playoffs ended in Geneva, up and down. Then they decided against a contract extension with Arno Del Curto, who had inherited in January Serge Aubin.

Since then, the search for a successor to be running. “We will take the time it needs,” says CEO Peter Zahner. The can afford to ZSC. In spite of the last four coaches in two years, the Lions still offer one of the most attractive Coaching Jobs in Western Europe.

On an accurate profile of the future Coach to the Zurich’t nail. Finally, you will need to in any area of compromise. “Everyone is looking for the perfect Trainer. The perfect coach does not exist”, says sports chief Sven Leuenberger, who is in charge of the search. The candidate will also maintain Zahner personally. The decision of the Board of Directors President, Walter Frey, and Vice Peter Spuhler.

Grönborg has also CHL prospects

Also with regard to the origin of their new coach to the Zurich is not in the cards. “Regardless of the Pass, it depends on his personality and his ideas of football,” says Zahner.

it is Clear, however: The Lions want a coach who sits players in the neck and you need a Kick in the butt missed. A Grinder. Because as the cause for the failed season, it has identified a lack of focus among the players. So Leuenberger says that it is looking for a Trainer, it is clear that he is “the chief or the Boss or whatever you want to call it”. In the style of Bob Hartley, the player of 2011/12, had little joy, but master, before he dropped back into the NHL.

A strong personality. As the Swedish national Coach Rikard Grönborg (50), the led of the “Tre Kronor” last twice world championship Gold (2018 in the penalty shoot-out against Switzerland). He doesn’t fit the image of cool Sweden, but is a very communicative type, marked by 15 years in the United States.

To him, however, are not only interested in the ZSC Lions, but also clubs from the KHL. And his goal is the NHL, which is why he insisted in the negotiations with the HC Davos, where he was one of the last three candidates on an appropriate exit clause. Meanwhile, the ZSC confirmed the obligation of train-Center Garrett Roe (31) with a 2-year contract. The fourth foreigner-Position will only be filled if he is a new Coach is known.