I-Sint-Amands, in The municipality of Puurs Sint-Amands, a new RUP (spatial plan) at the entrance of the Pop-Up Theatre in the Schoonmansveld. “Studio 100 wants to be in this theatre, a permanent residence in our community, and we are very happy with it. Therefore, we would like the area to the right destination,” says mayor Koen Van den Heuvel (CD&V).

“the Studio of 100 for approximately a year and a half ago, the first images of 40-45 in a temporary structure at the Schoonmansveld. After a year and a half, we have the arrival of this company is to our community but a positive review. It’s a Pop-Up Theater is a great value-add for our hospitality industry, and also in terms of mobility, there are no complaints at all. It works every time perfectly for about 1,600 visitors in a performance, without disturbing the environment.”