Technopolis “Moscow” together with the project “Generation-2084” prepared for schoolchildren of the capital program of career guidance excursions. One of them, dedicated to the professions of the future, on Friday, July 24, was visited by the correspondent of “Evening Moscow”.

This day excursion into the world of the future profession began with a master class where a business coach Anton Khrekov told the students about the rules of handling of video content. Then, armed with new knowledge and secrets of good photography, sightseers, enabling the phones to record, to explore new professions in the company Technopolis, which in this special economic zone more than a hundred.

About the design, build, and customize unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as on the practical application of the copters said the Director of one of the companies-residents of Technopolis “Moscow” Pavel Shishkin.

— Today we learned a lot, — shared his impressions about the event Muscovite Anastasia Aptikeeva, who came here together with brother Arseniy, a student of 9th class.

I’ve participated in the launch of copter — it is very difficult to manage, — said Arseny. — So when I saw the program of the master class from the developer of the aircraft, I immediately signed up for it.

But the seventh-grader Kirill Yakovenko interested in technical innovations.

— In the future I want to become a programmer, go to MEPhI, — he said. — Thank specialists. Learned many new things about additive technologies, which include 3D printing that I’m interested in.


Gennady Degtev, Director General of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”

— Our students can spend their time usefully and to learn how innovative production, as well as to acquire practical skills. The leaders of our companies are interested in young specialists and understand that they must create the conditions for growth.