The strain of coronavirus in Russia got a secret by

According to Golikova, now the center “Vector” has developed five prototypes of the vaccine for coronavirus – “this is the initial stage of the work” (previously, experts said that the vaccine will take from 8 months to a year, because of the need to conduct a thorough clinical trial).

On the question of who has shared with Russia strain Deputy Prime Minister explained that it was not Chinese. Yesterday, sources in the relevant departments told us the secret details of the visit of the Russian delegation to China in mid-February — our scientists, representatives of the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor, was not able to obtain then from the Chinese colleagues “live” coronavirus — and even to see the medical records of local patients. In detail about it read in the material “China has refused to show Russia live coronavirus, promorail our delegation.”

it Is believed that the Chinese side did not share with our country strain COVID-2019, to distinguish which of the “material” of patients is not so easy, for marketing reasons: who was the first to create vaccines and drugs against the coronavirus, and he will receive in the future more bonuses on their sales.

As commented on the “MK” head of Department of infectious diseases rnsmu. Pirogov Vladimir Nikiforov, in principle, with modern virus could “collect” and according to our scientists formula the genome. But for a vaccine to be one-hundred percent confident in its future action, after all it would be better to have a live sample isolated from the real sick person.

There are, according to Nikiforov, the three ways in which we could get such a virus. First: our scientists working in State research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector”, got it yourself, selecting from two Chinese patients who received treatment in Tyumen. Second: the strain was able to share with other countries, which also faced COVID-2019. Third: scientists could get it “on the channels” (each country has so-called technological intelligence AndW.).

Five variants prototypes of the vaccine, prepared on different tissue cultures, essential for working out the most efficient option.

– How do you assess the situation with the spread of the coronavirus? – ask the question Nikiforov.

I would say that the problem is serious, but the situation is not critical. Coronavirus – not worse than ordinary flu H1N1 (swine flu). Moreover, the possibility of treatment exists. It is, by and large, does not particularly different from above type of influenza.

And what is this therapy?

you don’t need to have drugs of direct action against any one of the infection. There is such a thing as a pathogenetic therapy, which is not acting directly on the virus, and eliminates the problems that it caused.

terms of the properties of viral diseases, the creation of a huge temporary hospitals in China is the right move?

– subject to sanaperheita and properly designed system of forced ventilation of course. This, at least not the “experiment” that put the Japanese, trapping hundreds of people on the same ship. Wanted to check: will they get infected EN masse or not. Checked. Infected. It was a fundamentally wrong approach.

– Now in Moscow and the Moscow region say that stray animals — cats and dogs can be distributors of coronavirus, and they should get rid of…

– Yes, the animals are carriers of more than 30 kinds of coronaviruses, but these strains are not pathogenic to humans, so it is now to create additional panic, scaring people, cats and dogs, is superfluous.

– Could you give a forecast for the summer season?

– There is reason to believe that by the summer the situation stabiliziruemost, panic settles, and all inhibitions will disappear by themselves.

But not all scientists are also quiet — at least for now, in connection with the spread of the infection across the planet, experts from Oxford and Harvard urged governments not to procrastinate and to have the tough quarantine entire cities and expanding hospital complexes. Read about it in the material of “the Coronavirus is impossible to restrain: to prepare all”

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