Contrary to expectations, business activity in the market of public procurement during coronavirus Talon grew up, which allowed customers to save more on purchases, the research of the National rating of procurement transparency (NRPS). The contractors were able to fulfill the request of the White house about the displacement of public procurement in the first half compared to the 2019 year, their volume increased by 20%. However, analysts have recorded negative trends: during a pandemic, customers were more likely to cancel the procurement.Crisis against the backdrop of a pandemic has pushed businesses to be more active in the market of public procurement and to improve its own efficiency to offer competitive prices, the authors say the national market of public procurement during a pandemic COVID-19 (part of the project NRPS calculated independent non-governmental research and analytical center, 2006). Recall that the government was counting on the state order as a source of support demand on the market: in particular, the contractors were instructed to move their purchases with the year-end for the first half of the business at the same time were promised relief (the right to change prices and terms of contracts).Referring to the Single information system in the sphere of public procurement, the authors indicate that the average number of applications for an electronic auction in February—may 2020 rose to 3.23 applications for lot against 3.18 million in 2019, or of 3.04 vs. 2.97 requests for approved applications. The average price reduction purchasing has increased from 24.5% to 26%. “The number of admitted applications is directly proportional influence on the economic efficiency of procurement and, as a consequence, allows to save budget funds,” the authors note. The growth of the discount had a negative impact on suppliers who had to improve its efficiency in the struggle for the state order.In General, the market of the state order from February to July rose compared with the same period last year by 21%: the amount of posted notices amounted to almost 4 trillion rubles, net of purchases from a single supplier. We will remind that for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, government contractors could enter into any contracts with a single supplier, citing the force majeure event (see “Kommersant-Online” dated 24 March). The notice for such purchases was not located, information about them is contained in the registry of the contracts. Outside of force majeure, non-competitive procedures are possible in the procurement of services of state monopolies, the failed competitive procurement or small procurement value of up to 600 thousand rubles as a result of easing the volume of purchases from a single supplier increased by 13% compared to the previous year to 0.8 trillion rubles, while the number of contracts fell by a third.The largest volumes of such noncompetitive procurement expected PR��were walked on medicine, instruments and medical equipment, medicines, research. Also lead the procurement of computers, equipment for arrangement of remote jobs and construction works (the construction did not stop during the lockdown). The impact of the pandemic on purchases from a single supplier recorded in the regions: the highest growth of such purchases occurred in the North Caucasus, Volga and Central Federal districts, which had the highest number of cases.However, in addition to growth of volume of public procurement and improve the efficiency of such procurement during a pandemic, analysts have recorded a growth of uncertainty in the sector. Thus, the proportion of cancelled procedures during the period COVID-19 has doubled. In particular, customers in February, may, canceled the purchase on 371 billion against RUB 161 bn in 2019. Rejection of purchase may be associated with the inability of suppliers to fulfill their obligations because of the lockdown.Diana Galieva