The state Duma approved the online sale of medicines in the second reading

the First reading of the document on the online sale was held in December 2017, however, then it was held in abeyance. To accelerate the adoption of the bill of deputies asked the President. Vladimir Putin has signed a decree permitting the remote sale of OTC medicines. The bill is aimed at legislative provision of the decree.

the Elderly are recommended to reduce the time to transport and shops

Yet pharmaceutical companies can offer clients the service online booking with the ability to pick up the ordered medications at your local pharmacy. After the entry of the project because of the right of distance selling of drugs appear in pharmacies that have a license for pharmaceutical activity and the corresponding permission of Roszdravnadzor.

As explained by the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, will be allowed free shipping OTC drugs conventional courier services – employees without special pharmaceutical education.

“This decision is especially important now, when the world is faced with epidemic coronavirus infection, – said the speaker. – It is necessary to provide people with the opportunity without extra trips to the drugstore to buy necessary prescription drugs. And to protect them from unscrupulous sellers, creating artificially high demand.”

this still will be banned the online sale of prescription narcotic and psychotropic drugs as well as alcohol specimens with volume fraction of ethyl alcohol above 25%.

Photo: Odd ANDERSEN / AFP First undergoing coronavirus in Russia advised on how not to get sick

Initially, the deputies were going to resolve 2022 sale and recipestion drugs, with the exception of drug and alcohol specimens. However, the Ministry of health has taken a principled position against this provision. To accelerate the adoption of an important document, the MPs decided to meet the Cabinet and removed from the document regulations on prescription drugs. To this question the government will be back later.

In the state Duma have taken care that the citizens were sold via the Internet only high quality products. The second reading at the same meeting, passed a bill to impose criminal liability for online sales of counterfeit, substandard and unregistered medicines, medical devices and dietary SUPPLEMENTS. For it will be threatened with imprisonment for the term from five up to eight years along with a fine of from one to three million rubles. If such an offense will result in the death of two and more persons, the punishment will be up to 12 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to five million rubles.

Volodin stressed the importance of the parallel adoption of these two bills should not be allowed to the citizens affected.