Celebrities, we also have a good laugh during these tough times. While everyone else is at home, if there is more than enough time to have fun, to joke, to imagine, and then share it on the internet. As this is a new account is created on Twitter.

People en masse to make funny photo’s of celebrities, and filmpersonages himself to imagine, “But both before and after the application.” It is, of course, for its great shows, such as the comparison between the character of Rose in the beginning of the ‘Titanic’, (the lovely Kate Winslet), and at the end of the film, as an old woman.Or is such a bull’s-eye: a picture of a young Britney Spears, compared to one in which she had her hair afscheert.

“This is a great game,” writes one tweeter. “Why don’t we have not previously changed your mind?”