The stars are predicting success ruble by the middle of March

Moscow, February 2 – “Conduct.Economy.” Estimated IAC “Alpari”, the predictions based on astronomical cycles, are very popular in the financial markets and at the same time contradictory.

Astroprognoz currency exchange rates: is it worth to believe?

With the help of special tables, ephemeris programs scientists with the accuracy of counting the movements of the planets for many years to come, which for many millennia traveling in space for almost the same orbits. The coordinates of the astronomical objects we know in advance when will a solar or lunar Eclipse, new moon, full moon, retrograde planets, and the position of celestial bodies in the signs of the zodiac.

Astronomical cycles are contradictory, because from a scientific point of view, we don’t know exactly what is the relationship between the movements of the planets and stock prices, exchange rates and other assets. Knowing the exact movement of the planets or their angular relations, it is possible to make a comparison with the price movement. The texture stock quote to confirm or refute the statistical impact of any astrological or astronomical option on a particular stock, indices and currencies.

the Impact of astrocyte displayed on the chart active zones for the period of the planet. The more color and higher positive correlation in the active zone, the more significant astronomica.

the Main rule for astroelite — a sufficient amount of price history. The more data we have, the better we can know the influence of astrocycle the asset. For example, one cycle of Jupiter is about 12 years old. According to the rule minimum price is three cycles, that is 36 years. This means that the 20-year historical data of prices is not enough to make any conclusions regarding this cycle. But we can study different astronomical cycles and to observe whether they conform to any market movements.

Astronomythe for PAry dollar/ruble

Now consider a few astronomythe for the pair dollar/ruble. For the analysis I used quotes from the spot market since 1999.

the First important object in the sky — the Sun. It’s being studied for thousands of years. The earth makes a complete cycle around the Sun in 365.25 days. Seasonal or annual cycle are considered in the first place.

to check on the seasonality, I used a specialized graph in which price is established in time from zero degrees to 360 degrees. Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees.

the Astrological new year begins March 20, when the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries. March 20, the Sun moves from the southern hemisphere of the celestial sphere in the North. This transition is called the spring equinox.

as the new astrological year has come, and the Sun is in Aquarius, the price you see on the chart at the end of a vertical dotted line. Aquarius corresponds to the period from 300 degrees to 330 degrees, or from 21 January to 19 February Pisces – from 330 degrees to 360 degrees or from 20 February until 20 March.

On a chart divided into four lines. The red line corresponds to the period rates with 03.11.2017 for 03.11.2019 (two years), the purple line – from 03.11.2014 at 03.11.2019 (five years), the blue line with 03.11.2010 by 03.11.2019 (nine years). In each interval is taken to be a year from 20 March to 20 March, and “nakalyaetsya” each other. Then build the middle line. Thick red and blue line is the overall average from the three lines.

Under the lines indicate the active zone. Where the direction of price movement coincides for different periods, areas highlighted in red.

we show the graph and whether to trust him?

March 20-22 Aug (zero degrees – 150 degrees), the dollar becomes more expensive against the ruble. From 22 August to 24 October, the dollar depreciates and then again gaining momentum until January 21. It averaged statistics, and believe such articleICU. What then?

Fig. 1. The annual cycle for the pair dollar/ruble

On the chart has an active area, in which you need to find the maximum coincidence of movements. The first selected slice is from 26 degrees Cancer 23rd degree of Leo. The price went up 15 times, down six times. Over the last four years it increased. The probability of strengthening of the dollar in 2020 amounts to 71.4%.

Now, notice the vertical line with an arrow. It is exactly on the 3rd of February, from which to begin the phase of strengthening of the ruble. In the entire history of the daily quotations of the price was reduced 17 times and only four times increased. The probability of ruble appreciation is 81%. The average range of motion of 1.8%. In other areas the percentage of reliability of the forecast is close to 55-60%. From 3 February to 20 March the expected strengthening of the ruble.

the Lunar cycles are very important for the stock market. Perhaps because the periods of these cycles are close to perfect and four-week sales cycle. Therefore, you should always test cycles to assess their suitability/unsuitability. For the pair dollar/ruble lunar cycles don’t work. The probability of coincidence is in the range of 50-55%.

Another very important cycle known as the cycle between two new moons (or full moons). When heavenly objects have the same longitude (zero degrees), there comes a new moon. When the angle between the planets reaches 180 degrees, there comes a full moon. For the pair dollar/ruble new moon/full moon is also not working. The probability of coincidence is in the range of 50-55%. The price may rise or fall. So we move all possible options and drawn up a list of astronomythe that have an impact on the pair. Although correct to say that not astronomythe have an impact on the asset, and they are only triggers for market participants. Traders and investors unconsciously react to events, and this is reflected in thJeno.

it is also Possible to obtain statistics on the corner of the ratios between the planets. For example, in the period from 3 February to 20 March there are several important aspects that are proven in history. The first aspect to the Sun is 60 degrees – Mars. When the planets formed 60 degree, the dollar in 84% of cases were improved (16 cases of growth, three lower). According to statistics, the growth began three days before the exact aspect and lasted for two days after. And then three days later, the exact aspect the price was reduced during the day 15 times against four occasions growth. The probability of such events is of 78.9%. Growth falls on a weekend, therefore, the only scenario for the reduction from 28 to 29 February. Such aspects very much. Among them you can select the aspects with a high probability and to create a calendar for the year.

For the ruble clearly comes a time

Again, we don’t know how to actually work in the connection between the planets and the market. Nevertheless, we can state that there is some connection between the UPS/downs of prices and relative position of the planets in the sky. This assertion is statistics. If you add the classic technical and volumetric analysis, then you can every day to capture the mood of market participants.

January’s growth phase coincided with the annual cycle, although this year the weakening of the ruble caused by a flight from risky assets and a collapse in oil prices amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. Infected – 11374, deaths and 259 people. Maybe the spread of the virus has developed a favorable heavenly picture?

Now for the ruble comes the best time. For 30 days, until March 20, it can win back all the losses, returning to the level in 61 rubles.

Vladislav Antonov, an analyst with information and analytical center “Alpari”

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