Taylor Schilling

more and more Western celebrities to “pride month” (LGBT events American pride month) share photos of their second halves. Yesterday 35-year-old Taylor Schilling, star of TV series “Orange — hit of the season”, he came out. The actress posted on instagram a romantic photo with his beloved.

it Became known that the actress is Dating artist Emily Ritz. According to information on its website, it uses “drawing, painting, sculpture and embroidery, to bring to life his unique vision of beauty.” According to rumors, the couple met through mutual friends at the end of last year.

Taylor became popular in 2012 when she received the main role in the Netflix series “Orange — hit of the season”. She played Piper Chapman, a bisexual woman who goes to prison after her ex-lover, involved in drug smuggling, turned her in to the authorities. The last season of the series was released last year.

shot from the series “Orange is the new black”

the Actress rarely gives interviews and refuses to answer questions about his personal life.

I had a very serious relationship with many people, and I’m very expansive nature. But I don’t like labels. I do not fit into the framework, it is too limiting. I work all the time — in my life nothing else happens. But I had a great relationship. I had a lot of love

— said the Shilling in 2017 in an interview with The Standard, when asked about her sexual identity.