Actor Mikhail Kazakov inserted into the foot plate. This he said “StarHit”.

32-year-old the Cossacks, as reported by the “Rambler”, famous for execution of roles in such films and television series, like “jumble”, “Escape”, “money Day”, “Stroibat” and “Vacation President”. The greatest popularity brought him the role of Elijah Polezhaykina in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”.

He is also known for having killed a man who attacked girl. In its relation criminal case under article “Murder”. Later it was changed to article “Murder committed while exceeding the limits of necessary defense” and closed in connection with reconciliation of the parties.

In early July the Cossacks fell from a height of 12 meters and seriously injured his legs. Today he said that a few days ago was operated on in a hospital in Tver, the operation lasted for six hours and was successful.

“My feet stuck to the plate,” — said the actor.

He said that he is now experiencing very severe pain, but is recovering quickly. Cossacks also mentioned that a colleague at the “father’s daughter” Elizabeth Arzamasova and artistic Director of “jumble” Boris Grachevsky contacted him after the incident with the fall of one of the first, calling the actors of the series “kadetstvo” and one of them, Kirill Emelyanov, even visited the hospital.